Teachers’ Conference 

On Friday 1st July, 2022 the Adelphi Genetics Forum is holding a conference Recent Advances in Genetics for A-level teachers. 

This is being held at the Nowgen Centre in Grafton Street (Manchester - M13 9WU).

This is a free ticketed event with coffee/tea/lunch also being provided free. Topics included in the programme:

• Professor Andrew Read: Genome wide association studies and polygenic scores

• Dr Panos Sergouniotis: Stem cells and their applications

• Professor Turi King: Genetics and ancestry

• Professor Gregory Radick: Curriculum reform in introductory genetics

• Dr George Burghel: Precision medicine

• Dr Rhona MacLeod: Careers in Genetics

To apply for a ticket and sign up for the conference fill in the form below. 

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