The Galton Institute produced a regular newsletter, the Galton Review, containing articles and reports, and was sent free to all members and to most university libraries in the UK. This has now been superseded by the Adelphi Review.   In addition, the Galton Institute published occasional booklets on subjects relevant to its aims. In the past, proceedings of the annual Galton Institute Conference were published most years from 1988 to 2007; prior to this the proceedings of the Eugenics Society symposium were published every year from 1968 until 1987. These are out of print but some are still available from the Adelphi Genetics Forum. 

Furthermore, there is a large archive of papers and publications of the Galton Institute and its predecessor held in digitised format by the Wellcome Trust Library, and archives of the Eugenics Review (1909-1968) are available through PubMed.

The Galton Review and Newsletters


Occasional papers

Occasional papers

Proceedings of conferences

Twelve Galton lectures: a centenary selection with commentaries - 2007


Publication Date: 2007

Editor: Steve Jones, Milo Keynes

Publication contents:

1. 1914 Sir Francis Darwin, FRS:

Francis Galton, 1822-1911

Introduction by Milo Keynes

2. 1926 The Right Reverend E W Barnes, FRS

Some Reflections On Eugenics And Religion

Introduction by Rev. Dr John Polkinghorne, FRS

3. 1933 The Honourable Mr Justice McCardie:

My Outlook on Eugenics

Introduction by Douglas J. Cusine

4. 1937 John Maynard Keynes:

Some Economic Consequences of a Declining Population

Introduction by David Coleman

5. 1943 Sir William Beveridge:

Eugenic Aspects of Children’s Allowances

Introduction by Mazin Zeki

6. 1953 T H Marshall:

Social Selection in the Welfare State

Introduction by Geoffrey Hawthorne

7. 1955 Sir Cyril Burt:

The Meaning and Assessment of Intelligence

Introduction by David Watt

8. 1962 Sir Julian Huxley:

Eugenics in Evolutionary Perspective

Introduction by John Beardmore

9. 1972 James Meade:

Economic Policy and the Threat of Doom

Introduction by David Vines

10. 1976 Alex Comfort:

Sexuality in Old Age

Introduction by Kevin Wylie

11. 1978 Paul H Gebhard:

Sexuality in the Post-Kinsey Era

Introduction by Lesley Hall

12. 1982 Robert G. Edwards, FRS:

The Current Clinical and Ethical Situation of Human Conception In Vitro

Introduction by Peter Brinsden

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Herbert Spencer: the intellectual legacy - 2003

Publication Date: 2003

Editor: Greta Jones, Robert A. Peel

Publication contents:

1. Spencer and his Circle

Greta Jones

2. The Relation of Spencer’s Evolutionary Theory to Darwin’s

Robert J. Richards

3. The Diffusion of Spencerism and its Political Interpretations in France and Italy

Naomi Beck

4. Herbert Spencer’s Influence on Economics

John Laurent

5. Herbert Spencer and Altruism: The Sternness and Kindness of a Victorian Moralist

Thomas Dixon

6. Galton Lecture 2003: Spencer In History: The Second Century

J.D.Y. Peel

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A century of Mendelism in human genetics - 2001

Publication Date: 2001

Editor: Milo Keynes, A.W.F. Edwards, Robert Peel

Publication contents:

Part 1. The First Fifty Years of Mendelism

1. The Introduction of Mendelism into Human Genetics

Milo Keynes

2. Galton’s Theory of Ancestral Inheritance

Michael Bulmer

3. The Reception of Mendelism by the Biometricians and the Early Mendelians

Eileen Magnello

4. Mendelism and Man 1918-1939

A.W.F. Edwards

5. The Darwin Lecture: William Bateson, Archibald Garrod and the Nature of the ‘Inborn’

Patrick Bateson

Part 2. Human Genetics from 1950

6. Linkage and Allelic Association

Newton E. Morton

7. Malaria and Darwinian Selection in Human Populations

Lucio Luzzatto

8. Chromosomal Genetics and Evolution

Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith

9. Mendelian Disorders in Man: The Development of Human Genetics

Timothy M. Cox

10. The Genetics of Complex Diseases

John Bell

11. Human Cancer Genetics

Alfred G. Knudson

12. Genetics and the Future of Medicine

D.J. Weatherall

Appendix: Problems of Heredity as a Subject for Horticultural Investigation.

William Bateson

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A century of Mendelism - 2000

Publication Date: 2000

Editor: Robert A. Peel, John Timson

Publication contents:


John Timson

The Rediscovery of Mendelism

Peter Bowler

Genetics in the New Millennium

Mark Ridley

Genetic Counselling: Its Scope and Limitations

Robert G Resta

Problems of Genetic Engineering

Colin Tudge

Genetic Issues in Insurance and Employment: How to Prevent Unfair Discrimination

Sandy Raeburn

Human pedigree studies - 1998

Publication Date: 1998

Editor: Robert A. Peel

Publication contents:

Genealogy: The Construction of Family Histories

Anthony Camp

The Galton Lecture 1998: Eugenics: The Pedigree Years

Pauline Mazumdar

Human Pedigrees and Human Genetics

Elizabeth Thompson

A Brief History of the Pedigree in Human Genetics

Robert Resta

Computers for Research, Storage and Presentation of Family Histories

David Hawgood

Social, Ethical and Technical Implications of Pedigree Construction:What The Maps Tell Us About the Mapmakers

Robert Resta

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Essays in the history of eugenics - 1997

Publication Date: 1997

Editor: Robert A. Peel

Publication contents:

The Theoretical Foundations of Eugenics

Greta Jones

Eugenics: The Early Years

Geoffrey Searle

Women, Feminism and Eugenics

Lesley Hall

From Mainline to Reform Eugenics – Leonard Darwin and C P Blacker

Richard Soloway

The Eugenics Society and the Development of Demography in Britain: The International Population Union, the British Population Society and the Population Investigation Committee

Chris Langford

Human Genetics

John Timson

Ninety Years of Psychometrics

Paul Kline

The Galton Lecture: “The Eugenics Society and the Development of Biometry”

Anthony Edwards

Eugenics in France and Scandinavia: Two Case Studies

Alain Drouard

Eugenics in North America

Daniel Kevles

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Marie Stopes, eugenics and the English birth control movement - 1996

Publication Date: 1996

Editor: Robert A. Peel

Publication contents:

The Evolution of Marie Stopes

June Rose

Marie Stopes and her Correspondents: Personalising population decline in an era of demographic change

Lesley Hall

The Galton Lecture: “Marie Stopes, Eugenics and the Birth Control Movement”

Richard Soloway

Marie Stopes and the Mothers’ Clinics

Deborah Cohen

“Marie Stopes: Secret Life” – A Comment

John Timson

Marie Stopes International Today

Patricia Hindmarsh

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Biological and social aspects of intelligence - 1995

Publication Date: 1995

Publication contents:

Session 1: The Nature of Intelligence

The importance of intelligence in Western societies

C. R. Brand

Reductionism and intelligence: the case of inspection time

Ian J. Deary

Intelligence is not just mental speed

Patrick Rabbitt

Session 2: Physical Factors

A healthy body and a healthy mind: the relationship between ill-health and cognitive function in school-age children

C. Nokes

The supply of glucose to the brain and cognitive functioning

David Benton, Pearl Y. Parker and Rachael T. Donohoe

The influence of early diet on later development

Ruth Morley

Session 3: Genetic Issues

Molecular genetic research on IQ: can it be done? Should it be done?

Jo Daniels, Peter McGuffin and Mike Owen

Genetic influences on mild mental retardation: concepts, findings and research implications

Michael Rutter, Emily Simonoff and Robert Plomin

Behaviour genetic studies of intelligence, yesterday and today: the long journey from plausibility to proof (The Galton Lecture)

Thomas Bouchard

Session 4: Social and Group Differences

Sex differences and IQ

N. J. Mackintosh

Group differences: is the good society impossible?

James R. Flynn

What genetic research on intelligence tells us about the environment

Robert Plomin, Stephen A. Petrill and Alexandra L. Cutting

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Stress: evolutionary, biosocial and clinical perspectives - 1994

Publication Date: 1994

Editor: Alan H. Bittles, Peter A. Parsons

Publication contents:

1. Long-term Responses to Physical Stress: Evidence from the Fossil Record

Peter R. Sheldon

2. Environmental Stress and Evolutionary Adaptation

R.J. Berry

3. The Galton Lecture for 1994: From Energy Budgets to Adaptive Limits under Stress: Sexual Ornaments, Senescence, and Outlier Human Populations

Peter A. Parsons

4. Population Differences in Blood Pressure Genes

Nicholas D. Carter

5. Sub-threshold Effects of Maternal Alcohol Consumption on Craniodental Development

Jules A. Kieser

6. The Assessment of Stress in Traditional Societies

Lincoln H. Schmitt

7. Stress, Gender and Leadership

Marianne Frankenhaeuser

8. Stress, Work, and Health: the Role of Individual Differences

Katherine R. Parkes

9. Stress in Hospital Patients

Jenifer Wilson-Barnett

10. Cardiovascular Disease and Stress: from Aetiology to Intervention

Andrew Steptoe

11. Psychosocial Stress and Cancer

Hans J. Eysenck

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Reproductive decisions: biological and social perspectives - 1993

Publication Date: 1993

Editor: R.I.M. Dunbar

Publication contents:

1. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Fertility

R.I.M. Dunbar

2. Breastfeeding and the Baby: Natural Contraception

Alan S. McNeilly

3. Understanding Natural Variation in Human Ovarian Function

Peter T. Ellison

4. Nutrition, Physical Workloads and Fertility Regulation

Lyliane Rosetta

5. For Love or Money: the Evolution of Reproductive and Material Motivations

Alan R. Rogers

6. Fertility and Fitness Among Albuquerque Men: a Competitive Labour Market Theory

Hillard S. Kaplan, Jane B. Lancaster, John A. Bock and Sara E. Johnson

7. Reproductive Decisions Viewed from an Evolutionarily Informed Historical Demography

Eckard Voland

8. English Fertility, 1600-1900: Is an Economic Analysis Tenable?

P.R. Andrew Hinde

9. Stopping, Starting and Spacing: the Regulation of Fertility in Historical Populations

John Landers

10. Obstacles to Fertility Decline in Developing Countries

John Cleland

11. Imperatives to Reproduce: Views from North-west England on Fertility in the Light of Infertility

Jeanette Edwards

12. The Timing of Childbearing in Developed Countries

Máire Ní Bhrolcháin

13. Low Fertility in a Pastoral Population: Constraints or Choice?

Sara Randall

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Issues in fetal medicine - 1992

Publication Date: 1992

Editor: S.L. Barron, D.F. Roberts

Publication contents:

1. The Galton Lecture for 1992: The Changing Status of the Fetus

S. L. Barron

2. Applications of Recent Advances in DNA Techniques in the Fetus

Ann Curtis

3. Normal Fetal Development and the Time of Origin of Some Structural Abnormalities

Mary J. Seller

4. Preimplantation Diagnosis of Genetic Disease

P. R. Braude

5. Clinical Methods of Prenatal Diagnosis

Stephen A. Walkinshaw

6. Management in a Fetal Medicine Clinic

Tom Lind

7. Fetal Surgery

Don K. Nakayama

8. Fetal Therapy

Martin J. Whittle

9. Gene Therapy and Fetal Medicine

M. Pembrey

10. ‘Calming or Harming?’ The Ethics of Screening for Fetal Defects

G. R. Dunstan

11. The Legal Status of the Embryo and the Fetus

Derek Morgan

12. Fetal Medicine: Legal and Ethical Implications

Alexander McCall Smith

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Sir Francis Galton FRS (1822-1911) – the legacy of his ideas - 1991

Publication Date: 1991

This publication is currently unavailable to download. Please contact The Adelphi Genetics Forum if you would like to obtain a copy.

Minority populations: genetics, demography and health - 1990

Publication Date: 1990

Author: Proceedings of the 1990 Galton Institute conference.

Publication contents:

1. Minority Populations as Genetic Isolates: The Interpretation of Inbreeding Results

James V. Neel

2. Consanguinity and Genetic Disease in Finland’s Swedish-Speaking Minority

L. B. Jorde, K. J. Pitkänen, E. O’Brien and A. W. Eriksson

3. The Galton Lecture for 1990: The Price of Isolation

D. F. Roberts

4. Herero Demographic History

Henry Harpending and Renee Pennington

5. Sociocultural Factors Influencing the Spread of Myotonic Dystrophy in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Region of the Province of Quebec

Suzanne Veillette, Michel Perron, Jean Mathieu, Claude Prévost and Gilles Hébert

6. Consanguineous Marriage in Southern Asia: Incidence, Causes and Effects

A.. H. Bittles, S. A. Shami and N. Appaji Rao

7. A Health Profile of Britain’s Ethnic Minorities

R. Balarajan and Veena Soni Raleigh

8. A Prospective Study on the Health of Birmingham Babies in Different Ethnic Groups: Interim Findings

Sarah Bundey

9. Health Problems of the Turkish Minority in Germany: Experiences with a Prenatal β Thalassaemia Detection Programme

Wolfgang Holzgreve, Peter Miny, Sergi Terçanli and Jurgen Horst

10. Neonatal Screening for Sickle Cell Disease in London Neonates

A. J. Bellingham, S. Henderson, K. Fishlock, L. Oni and M. E. C. Horn

11. Demographic Characteristics of the Ethnic Minority Populations of Great Britain

John C. Haskey

12. Ethnic Intermarriage

David Coleman

13. Assortative Mating Among Minority Ethnic Groups in Moscow and Other Large Cities of the CIS

Olga L. Kurbatova and Elena Yu. Pobedonostseva

14. Future Global Strategies for Health Care Delivery to Minorities

V. Ramalingaswami, I. C. Verma and B. Aronson

This publication is currently unavailable to download. Please contact The Adelphi Genetics Forum if you would like to obtain a copy.

Molecular genetics in medicine - 1989

Publication Date: 1989

Editor: D. F. Roberts, Robert Chester

Publication contents:

1. Introduction

D. F. Roberts

2. The Human Chromosome Map

T. Andrews

3. The DNA Map

Kay E. Davies

4. Molecular Individuality and Genetic ‘Fingerprinting’

C. F. Inglehearn and R. J. Bellamy

5. Fetal Tissue Sampling

R. J. Lilford

6. Fetal Diagnosis and the Need for Support

K. M. Laurence

7. Prospects for Gene Insertion Therapy in Early Life

Marcus Pembrey

8. Neural Transplantation in Degenerative Disease

E. R. Hitchcock

9. Population Screening for Genetic Disorders

Sarah Bundey

10. Family Screening for Genetic Disorders: Lessons from Huntington’s Disease

Peter S. Harper and Michael J. Morris

11. Molecular Genetics in Medicine: Sharing the Benefits

Trefor Jenkins

12. Genetic Registers: Problems Old and New

Alan F. H. Emery

13. New Problems in Management of Families

A. Clarke

14. Law or Ethics?

D. J. Cusine

15. Tension: The Ethics of Choice

G. R. Dunstan

16. Epilogue: Molecular Genetics in Medicine

D. F. Roberts and Robert Chester