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Adelphi Genetics Forum PhD Studentship

2022 Award

The Adelphi Genetics Forum panel assessing the excellent proposals for its three-year PhD Fellowship has selected for support the joint submission, entitled “Removing the population concept from evolutionary genetics”, by Professor Mark Thomas, Dr Adrian Timpson and Dr Adam Rutherford of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London.

The Adelphi Genetics Forum is a learned society that aims to promote research and discussion concerning the scientific understanding of human heredity. Alongside this, we are keen to address the under‐representation of students from ethnic/disadvantaged backgrounds at the Doctoral level.

We invited proposals from members of staff at UK universities to supervise a 3‐year, fully‐funded, non‐lab‐based PhD project in any area around the understanding of human heredity, past or present, starting in autumn 2023.

Each proposal was required to set out (1) the title of the proposed project; (2) a 500‐word project description which outlined the research questions, background, sources, methods, and outreach plans; (3) the supervision team and their suitability; (4) structures and resources at the departmental, faculty and/or university level that would support the student’s progress and professional development; (5) a 100‐word description of the envisaged recruitment process targeting students from underrepresented ethnic/disadvantaged backgrounds, including timeline and essential/recommended educational backgrounds for candidates.

The PhD project should be a scholarly contribution to the understanding of human heredity, broadly construed, and the successful proposal had to demonstrate an awareness of the current state of scholarship in the relevant area and make a convincing case for the project’s potential to advance knowledge significantly.

In line with the Forum’s mission to increase discussion around the understanding of human heredity, we encouraged ambitious and imaginative ideas for outreach, including ideas that might add content to the Forum’s website. The successful applicant has access to up to £500 per year in support of these initiatives.

The Forum’s selection committee was comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and up to two other members of The Adelphi Genetics Forum Council. (Council members are ineligible to submit a PhD proposal.)

The deadline for applications was Monday 5 December 2022 at 5 pm, decisions were communicated by the end of January 2023.

The successful applicant is expected to write an article about the project for publication in the Forum’s newsletter, and the student recruited onto the project is expected to write both a mid‐project report and a final report for the newsletter.

Individuals from underrepresented ethnic/disadvantaged backgrounds, whether as main applicants or as part of the envisaged supervision team, were strongly encouraged to apply.

The three‐year studentship includes support for:

Applicants did not need to be members of the Forum; but anyone wishing to become a member can do so on this website.

Queries relating to this studentship can be sent through our contact page.

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